Freedom is not free

The price is Mincome

But this will cost too much!!

If you create money that never existed before with a human-usable proof-of-work, and give it to the people who did that work, it doesn't cost anything. People in the community only need to use the money that was created and accept it for goods, and pay some transaction fees.

If you want a comparison, banks charge fees to pay for bank tellers, vaults, and buildings, and Visa and Mastercard charge money to maintain databases, support staff, and cover the cause of fraud.

If everyone that needs money has a source that meets basic human needs for food, shelter, and energy, cost of fraud will go down. If you believe I'm wrong, you're entitled to that belief. But to be scientific about this, we must do the experiement to find out if fraud costs are lower in transparent mincome communities. You do not need to participate if this vision is an offense to your Gods, but your religious beliefs do not limit our freedom to try.




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In the meantime, you can donate to KittyCoin, the cat-picture proof-of-work currency,
which at least support cute cat pictures instead of early-adopter cash holders. Donate Bitcoins
The blockchain will launch with a picture of the winner of the 2014 Internet Cat Video film festival (assuming we get copyright clearance)